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All of us are aware of break-ins, vandalism, and severe weather. Most Government Buildings are now required to have their glass meet bomb blast code. Help protect yourself from broken glass, the harmful flying shards & smash and grab thieves. With 3M Ultra Shield Safety & Security film, you have 3M's technologically advanced micro-layers. Their superior performance is due to remarkable flexibility. Instead of tearing as other films will, it merely stretches- making penetration difficult, if not impossible! And 3M Ultra Shield is the only 4mil. film that passes the 400 ft. lb. impact level of ANSI Z97.1 Standard.* Another advantage of 3M Ultra Shield is the advanced 3M adhesives. The 3M UltraFLex Window Film System adds superior structural silicone adhesive that aggressively bonds the glass and film to the window frame.

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