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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why 3M Window Films?
A. 3M is the world leader in the core window film technologies: thin film coating, adhesives, nano-technology, and abrasion resistance. 3M not only does all their own coatings, they are the only manufacturer that produces their own polyester. Plus, there are numerous benefits from installing window film:

- Reduce A/C bills.
- Reduce fading of fabric, furnishings, flooring, etc.
- Reduce glare for greater comfort, better viewing out the window, increase production and sales.
- Reduce HVAC maintenance cost.
- Increase life of HVAC system.
- Increase storm protection.
- Deter smash and grab crime.
- Helps shatter proof your glass.
- Helps to obtain up to 6 LEEDS points.
- Produce a return on investment. 
Q. How can I clean my windows after the film is installed?
A. It's easy because 3M Window films are the only films made that are not damaged by ammonia, so any typical window cleaner- even with ammonia- is fine to use. No need to worry about who's cleaning your windows and what they are using. Use soft cloths and a squeegee if you like.
Q. Why 3M Prestige film over standard window films?

A. Standard Films are all we had for years and they perform very well. However, standard films have to be darker and more reflective to increase in performance. That can change your view enough that you may have a little trade off between performance and aesthetics. Thanks to 3M 's nano technology in the Prestige films, there is never a trade off. Prestige films will simply absorb heat and they have no metal content. The natural beauty of your home, and the view, is not diminished. You only diminsh the hot areas, harsh glare, cooling bills, and the fading of your furnishings. 
Q. Why FilmTek, LLC? 
 A. With 25 years experience in the window tinting industry, Film Tek, LLC has an extensive resume of high quality window film applications. We have provided the right type of window film solutions for clients specific needs since 1985. Film Tek became an LLC in January of 2009. Our insurance policy exceeds the industry standards. We are members of BBB, High Point Chamber of Commerce, Greensboro Builders Association and North Carolina Builders Association. Our installations are performed by 3M certified applicators who are dedicated to the customer's satisfaction. We are an established, well respected and trusted company that has serviced the Triad area here in N.C. for many years.

Q. How are 3M films installed?
A. Installation

Lay down clean drop clothes.
Varity of ladders available.
One Quart of water and a half teaspoon of Joy liquid soap.
Wet and razor scrape entire window, scrubbing with scotch pad.
Wipe debris (paint, silicone, etc.) from edges with towel.
Squeegee clean entire window.
Apply film to window with one inch overlap.
Razor cut film with factory edge guide to leave a perfect 1/16 border.
This border allows for expansion and contraction of the film with the glass.
Squeegee out excess water and tamper down edges.
Final cleaning of window.
Dispose of material waste.

Q. How much does the film cost?
A. Depending on film type, size of job, site location, heights of glass, etc., 3M films will cost on average about $5- $6 per square foot installed, depending on the type and quantity. Specialty films such as Prestige and custom designer films can cost as much as $10- $12 per square foot installed.

Q. I have Low-E glass, Do I still need Window Film?
A. Absolutely, Low-E glass will have improved performance with the installation of window film, as does standard glass.

Q. Does FilmTek do free estimates?
A. Yes. Most areas can be serviced within 48 hours, even your lake, beach and mountain homes!

Q. What is the 3M warranty? Does it cover labor?
A. 3M offers a lifetime warranty that covers the film, the window and the labor.

A Warranty Backed by One of the World's Most Respected Companies

Selecting 3M Window Films gives you peace of mind. That's because we have one of the most comprehensive warranties you can get. Prestige Series films are backed by a limited-lifetime residential warranty and a 15 year commercial warranty should your window film need replacing. What good is a 15 year warranty from a company that wasn't around 15 years ago and probably won't be around 15 years from now? Our warranty is backed from a company you know and trust. 3M films are installed on the interior surface of your existing windows by 3M Authorized dealers- dedicated to your satisfaction.


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